Below is a list of commonly asked questions:

Do I need a referral from my GP?

Yes you will need a GP referral for an initial consultation.

Is the cost covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance?

Consultation fees are partially rebatable for Medicare/DVA card holders. Unfortunately none of the treatment costs are covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurers so are all out of pocket expenses.

How long is the initial consultation?

Initial Consult with Dr Sami is approx 1 hour.

If you are considering to have PRP injection/s immediately after the consultation you should allow 1 and a half to 2 hours.

Do you offer Skype consultations for people who live a number of hours away?

Yes. Please enquire by phone or email if you wish to book a Skype consultation. We will send you a patient registration form to complete along with details of any scans/investigations you have had regarding the area to be treated. On receipt of this completed information we will contact you to book you in for an initial consultation. Please note there is no medicare rebate available for those who have a Skype consultation.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the initial consultation?

If you have any x rays, MRI’s etc, then you should bring along the film/CD or any medical reports associated with the area to be treated if you have them. If older than about 2 years old, you may want to consider updated scans after discussion with your GP.

You should also bring along a list of any medications you are on.

Can I send through my scans so that you can tell me if I am an eligible candidate for treatment rather than booking for an initial consultation?

No. This is against Australian Health Laws.

Is there any parking available?

There is paid parking available in our building, access via Wolseley Street. There are also metered parking bays on surrounding streets such as on Tottenham Street and Carl Street. If you have parked outside of the building, you can access our clinic by walking over to the Ipswich Road side where there is a lift lobby to take you up to level 1. This is located opposite the Princess Alexandra hospital entrance.

Is more than one treatment required?

In some cases follow up treatments may be required. At your initial consultation Dr Sami will inform you of this if this is the case for your particular situation.

How much do follow up treatments cost?

If you return for additional injections, you are usually charged the cost of the injection/s only as consult fee may be bulk billed. If your visit is a consult only you would be charged a review fee for which there would be some medicare rebate.

Is it painful?

Brisbane Regeneration is dedicated to patient care and your comfort.

At all points in your procedure you will receive the required amount of pain management including in rare cases, local anaesthetic. This will mean you will be calm and comfortable throughout the procedure while always being attentively observed by a doctor or nurse at our Woolloongabba clinic.

Is there any accommodation close by?

Yes. There are self catering apartments as well as hotels on adjoining streets around the clinic, within very short walking distance. Please enquire with us should you need any further information about discounts they are offering our patients.

TREATMENT DISCLAIMER It is important to understand that whilst our therapies can help alleviate symptoms in many patients and slow or even reverse degenerative processes, at times it does not work for all patients. Consequently, Brisbane Regeneration can neither predict nor guarantee success for individual patients. Based on additional information, patient's current health situation and/or unforeseen health risks, the medical staff can always, in the interest of the individual patient, propose another kind of treatment.