Below is a list of commonly asked questions that may help you with your decision to opt for stem cell therapy as a solution to your osteoarthritis or joint pain:

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a medical process used to aid in restoring function and reducing chronic pain

Stem cell therapy is the use of natural regenerative cells that aid in restoring function to places in the body affected by chronic pain such as osteoarthritis. These cells are harnessed from blood taken from your arm which are put through a process which extracts the stem cells.

Do I need a referral from my GP?

No, you do not need a GP referral.

Is there some way of knowing how well stem cell therapy would work for me?

PRP injections are offered to patients who wish to assess how well stem cell therapy may work for them. This involves taking some blood from your arm and extracting blood platelet cells which are then injected into the joint. If you receive pain relief and increased functionality/mobility from this, then its likely stem cell therapy would work for you.

How long does recovery take?

Rest is a vital part of the recovery process

We recommend 4 weeks rest after stem cell therapy. Most knee/hip/foot patients hire a wheelchair for when they need to go out so as to keep the load off the knee/hip/foot. You will also need to refrain from excessive exercise for 8 weeks after treatment. Further information regarding rest after stem cell therapy can be discussed with Dr Sami during your initial consultation.

Is the cost covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance?

Consultation fees are partially rebatable for Medicare/DVA card holders. Unfortunately none of the treatment costs are covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurers so are all out of pocket expenses.

How long is the initial consultation?

Initial Consult with Dr Sami is approx 1 hour.

If you are considering to have PRP injection/s immediately after the consultation you should allow 1 and a half to 2 hours.

Do you offer Skype consultations for people who live a number of hours away or live abroad?

Yes. Please enquire by phone or email if you wish to book a Skype consultation. We will send you a patient registration form to complete along with details of any scans/investigations you have had regarding the area to be treated. On receipt of this completed information we will contact you to book you in for an initial consultation.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the initial consultation?

If you have any x rays, MRI’s etc, then you should bring along the film/CD or any medical reports associated with the area to be treated if you have them. If older than about 2 years old, you may want to consider updated scans after discussion with your GP.

You should also bring along a list of any medications you are on.

Can I send through my scans so that you can tell me if I am an eligible candidate for stem cell therapy rather than booking for an initial consultation?

No. Stem cell therapy is a medical procedure carried out by a medical doctor. To determine suitability for the treatment Dr Sami has to carry out a whole patient assessment individually against a number of criteria, not just what is revealed in scans. We do not have a one size fits all approach.

Is there any parking available?

There is paid parking available in our building, access via Wolseley Street. There are also metered parking bays on surrounding streets such as on Tottenham Street and Carl Street. If you have parked outside of the building, you can access our clinic by walking over to the Ipswich Road side where there is a lift lobby to take you up to level 1. This is located opposite the Princess Alexandra hospital entrance.

What diseases can be treated with stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is the future.

Here at Brisbane Regeneration, we are dedicated to staying updated on the latest stem cell news. We know that stem cell therapy is gaining more and more recognition for the various diseases that are being successfully treated via this method. At the moment, the most common use of stem cell therapy is to assist disease associated with joint pain, such as Arthritis. For a list of what can be treated please refer to the Conditions Managed page.

How long will the actual procedure take?

Stem cell therapy is a brief procedure.

The first part involves extracting several vials of blood from your arm. This takes around 10-15 minutes.

The second part involves returning the following week to have the stem cells injected. This takes anywhere between 2 and 3 hours.

Is more than one treatment required?

Stem cell therapy can be tailored to suit your personal needs.

At Brisbane Regeneration, Dr Sami will sit down with you and determine the best way to approach the stem cell therapy procedure, and how many should be required for you personally.

Are there any possible side effects?

All surgery has some risk

We will evaluate your candidacy to decrease risk. Part of providing patient care is analysing your candidacy for the stem cell procedure. We will take into consideration your medical history, current health, and whether the procedure is required or other options are more suitable for your condition. Generally the following will result in us recommending you do not undergo treatment:

  • Pregnancy
  • Blood disorders
  • Low BMI or insufficient fat reserves
  • Infection
  • Unstable illness
  • Cancer

Autologous blood derived stem cell therapy seems free of significant adverse events

All medical procedures have risks which are both known and unknown. There are minimal risks involved with blood derived pluripotent Stem cell therapy because the treatment is autologous. Autologous means that the stem cells are sourced from your own body. This greatly decreases risks of rejection and complications such as allergic reactions. Temporary minor reactions have been observed in a small per cent of patients including flushing, heart palpitations (for a few minutes after the injection), and slightly raised temperature just after the injection. If you have any questions regarding possible risks incurred from the procedure please do not hesitate to ask one of our doctors during your initial consultation.

I am an elderly person, what differences can I expect after treatment?

Stem cell therapy may reinvigorate your lifestyle by improving osteoarthritis and joint pain.

As we get older our joints can become painful due to the wear and tear of cartilage and the presence of osteoarthritis. Cartilage is what enables bones to move easily against one and other and when this ‘protection’ disintegrates we are left with painful and stiff joints that do not function properly. Stem cell therapy may help this as the regenerative cells may aid in reducing pain and inflammation, and restoring cartilage in the knee, enabling the smooth function of joints and reduction of pain. Many older people feel completely reinvigorated after their treatment and some even feel comfortable enough to start exercising again on a regular basis.

I am an athlete, how will your treatments improve my abilities?

Stem cell therapy cannot extend athletic skill beyond natural ability although it can offer many valuable benefits.

Athletes or very active individuals often experience joint pain due to over exertion. This can result in damaged cartilage, muscular tissue and bones which can be painful and limit athletic ability. Stem cell therapy can be used to help treat these problems by assisting in the repair and regeneration of damaged tissue to restore athletic dexterity. Many athletes are utilising stem cell therapy to elongate their career and improve their performance if it has been compromised by over-exertion.

Is stem cell therapy painful?

Brisbane Regeneration is dedicated to patient care and your comfort.

At all points in your procedure you will receive the required amount of pain management including in rare cases, local anaesthetic. This will mean you will be calm and comfortable throughout the procedure while always being attentively observed by a doctor or nurse at our Woolloongabba clinic.

Is there any accommodation close by?

Yes. There are self catering apartments as well as hotels on adjoining streets around the clinic, within very short walking distance. Please enquire with us should you need any further information.

TREATMENT DISCLAIMER It is important to understand that while stem cell therapy can help alleviate symptoms in many patients and slow or even reverse degenerative processes, at times it does not work for all patients. Consequently, Brisbane Regeneration can neither predict nor guarantee success for individual patients who undergo stem cell treatment. Based on additional information, patient's current health situation and/or unforeseen health risks, the medical staff can always, in the interest of the individual patient, propose another kind of stem cell transplantation or in exceptional situations cancel the stem cell treatment.