Quality Training leads to Quality Practice

Dr Sami Ahmad was trained by Dr Ralph Bright – one of the foremost stem cell therapy doctors in the country

Dr Sami Ahmad was trained by Dr Ralph Bright (MB ChB FFMACC) who has been involved in treating patients with stem cell therapy since early 2009. He has been involved with extensive stem cell therapy treatment development for a number of years.

Dr Bright’s refined skills were passed down to Dr Ahmad so that he too can provide the utmost quality of care using stem cell therapy. Dr Sami Ahmad is passionate about his patients and about providing the most effective and thorough treatment.

Athletes are using stromal cell therapy to elongate their careers and improve their performance

Stromal cell therapy has recently been in the media spotlight due to its popularity with famous athletes

Stromal cell therapy is known to be a reliable treatment when it comes to joint problems and arthritis. This has caused the procedure to become wildly popular with athletes as athletic individuals are often plagued by the pains of sore joints and recurring arthritis problems. The purpose of stromal cell therapy for these individuals is not just quality of life as the function of their limbs, muscles and bones is how they make a living.

Stromal cell therapy with Brisbane Regeneration can help treat athletic disorders

Stromal cell therapy utilises mesenchymal cells sourced from your own body to aid in repair of tissue including bone, cartilage and other tissue fibre. This procedure may help in restoring damaged tissue to enable improved function and dexterity of joints that were previously damaged. It does not improve already healthy tissue. This treatment is not just limited for athletes however, as everyone that experiences chronic joint or musculoskeletal pain can benefit from it.

How does it work?

An example of the ideal candidate for a stromal cell procedure would be an athlete that has experienced a musculoskeletal injury in the knee (for example) which has affected the cartilage and induced stiffness and pain in the joint. Dr Sami Ahmad will utilise our advanced stem cell technology to extract the required cells from adipose (fat) tissue within the patient’s own body. Once these cells have been extracted they will be put through a process called Ultrasonic Cavitation which splits the mesenchymal (regenerative) cells from the useless tissue. The useful cells will then be reinjected into the affected area, inducing the natural healing process through the reinsertion of these regenerative cells. The stem cells will then aid in repair and reforming damaged tissue.

Is stromal cell therapy considered athletic ‘enhancement’?

At the moment there are no restrictions on the use of stem cell therapy in the sports industry. This is because stromal cell therapy is a completely natural treatment that is designed to mend injured areas of the body, not improve competences beyond natural ability.

TREATMENT DISCLAIMER It is important to understand that whilst our therapies can help alleviate symptoms in many patients and slow or even reverse degenerative processes, at times it does not work for all patients. Consequently, Brisbane Regeneration can neither predict nor guarantee success for individual patients. Based on additional information, patient's current health situation and/or unforeseen health risks, the medical staff can always, in the interest of the individual patient, propose another kind of treatment.