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Caring and effective pain management is our mandate

Brisbane Regeneration is dedicated to providing medical solutions to osteoarthritis and joint pain. We aim to improve your quality of life through our extensive stromal cell therapy procedure by restoring function and vitality.

The Brisbane Regeneration Team

Dr Sami and his medical team are all irrevocably dedicated to your health and wellbeing. To find out more about them please see below:

Our medically satiated technology is the key to stromal cell therapy treatment

We are passionate about stromal cell therapy technology as it enables us to treat and heal your pain.

TREATMENT DISCLAIMER It is important to understand that while stem cell therapy can help alleviate symptoms in many patients and slow or even reverse degenerative processes, at times it does not work for all patients. Consequently, Brisbane Regeneration can neither predict nor guarantee success for individual patients who undergo stem cell treatment. Based on additional information, patient's current health situation and/or unforeseen health risks, the medical staff can always, in the interest of the individual patient, propose another kind of stem cell transplantation or in exceptional situations cancel the stem cell treatment.